Who Else Wants The Secret Formula to Work Less, Earn More (and Attract Higher Quality Clients, Customers or Patients) by Positioning Yourself as the Most Respected, Authority Figure in Your Profession…
Who Else Wants The Secret Formula to Work Less, Earn More (and Attract Higher Quality Clients, Customers or Patients) by Positioning Yourself as the Most Respected, Authority Figure in Your Profession…
Make One Payment of Just $197
Regular Price $797. Save 76% Now!
Act Before the Timer Hits 00:00 TO SAVE $600 AND Get $3,300.00+ IN BONUSES!
Make One Payment of Just $197
Regular Price $797. Save 76% Now!
Act Before the Timer Hits 00:00 TO SAVE $600 AND Get $3,300.00+ IN BONUSES!
"Mike is an extraordinary man. He’s brought me insights on how to reach people on the Internet that are so valuable. This is a man you should deal with. Take advantage of what he has to offer."
"Mike is an extraordinary man. He’s brought me insights on how to reach people on the Internet that are so valuable. This is a man you should deal with. Take advantage of what he has to offer."
Dear Friend,
If you want to get higher quality clients, customers or patients... without complexity… while working less (a lot less!) and making more money (a lot more!) … by simply positioning yourself as an authority figure in your industry… then this is going to be one of the most exciting messages you will ever read.  Here's why:
My name is Mike Koenigs. Over the past 20 years I've helped more than 54,000 entrepreneurs, practitioners, business owners and CEOs redefine who they are.
I’ve helped them escape the trap of doing, and have guided them into a place in their life and career where they can start being.
Because doing usually translates as “busy but stuck,” while being translates into having “time, money and freedom” so that you can live life on your terms with more impact.
I’ll talk more about the difference in a minute, but for right now, just know that for you to move from doing to being, you have to elevate your brand presence and value.
You have to become a prize - so that you can charge more for who you are instead of what you do.

Many of the people whom I’ve helped make this transition, have done so by becoming best-selling authors.

As of this writing, that’s currently over 1,700 people… and that figure continues to grow daily.
I’ve also shown them:

• How to speak and share their message more effectively.

• How to package and brand themselves to get attention from higher quality customers, clients and patients who are glad to pay top-dollar for their products and services.

• How to get media coverage on TV and radio to such an extent that the world sees them as “authority figures” that are considerably more valuable.
Just recently, I brought together a large group of entrepreneurs, doctors, health practitioners, small business owners and other professionals for an exclusive event that I dubbed “Promote and Profit”. 

There were about 300 in all - and each of them had a similar goal. They wanted to know how they could position themselves as an authority, influencer, thought leader in their market...to become the single most in-demand individual, company or brand by their ideal audience...and do it quickly. 

It was an ambitious request!
Yes… Like It Or Not… “Positioning” Is a MAJOR FACTOR in the Success of Any Individual or Business
I’ll get back to the “300” story in a moment, but when it comes to positioning...well, it’s something that I’ve become an expert at over the last two decades.
After working with over 55,000 business owners in 121 countries including major celebrities, thought-leaders and influencers including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, Richard Dreyfuss, JJ Virgin, John Assaraf, Brian Tracy, Xprize founder Peter Diamandis, Jorge Cruise, Harvey Mackay, Daniel Amen and publisher of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy. 

I’ve taken my knowledge and have condensed it into a formula that I call the Platform Profit Playbook.
Now, in case you aren’t 100% familiar with the term, “platform” - it’s used to describe your public visibility, reputation and audience. It’s the foundation for what you want to share with the world and how much demand you can create with it.
Think of it like a “stage for public speaking”- it’s how you connect with your ideal customer, client or patient, so you can promote your books, products, services, events or any other content.
It’s a combination of what you know, who you know, who knows you, your expert status, thought-leadership, ability to influence, persuade, package yourself, promote yourself and others, get media attention and build momentum.
It’s your social media audience, lists, books, podcast, articles, media kit, social proof, products, services, speeches and connections.

Now back to the story of the 300 people. I knew what they wanted and I believed I had the solution...now it was time to test it.
Could the Platform Profit Playbook Be the Definitive Guide to Creating A Perfect Platform - AND Profiting From It?
That’s what we were going to find out.

So, I promised these ambitious professional men and women that in just 3 days, they would be given the most brilliant, cutting edge secrets to effectively Promote and Profit… to ethically gain the attention & trust of the people who want and need their help the most - without being salesy, cheesy, or worse yet... jeopardizing their credibility!

They Were NOT Disappointed…

Step by step, we guided everyone through the Platform Profit Playbook. Every single one of them was able to use the formula to customize an action plan, and they all walked away with a step-by-step guide (and the know how) to build their platform and get what they wanted. 

Here are just a few of their reactions to the experience.
"So much fabulous information...phenomenal...It doesn't really matter where we came from, it matters where we're going. Doing the routines bring results, and we get where we want to go. I love Mike and his can-do attitude, no bullshit attitude.”
“Clearly the system, tools, resources and community work! Positioning and storytelling will make sharing my value and ability to sell much more powerful and ROI will follow. Simply follow the formula and let my impact and business grow.”
“This structure is immensely helpful to me in this sea of "stuff" I have to get done. Knowing the order to do things…the specific steps to take and how actionable it is to each separate topic. Mike really cares about what you want to hear and learn about…such a diverse group of experts covering topics for any field that you want to create an impact in with your platform!” 
"You need to have a book. A book is a tool that will help you to get into other doors that you maybe difficult to get in because I thought a book is for like people who are very successful, who are well known. But I found out here that even if you are not known yet just the book can help you to give you exposure."
“An incredible group who share so freely their "what is working now" programs, tips and action steps to take to grow your business and profit by being seen, heard, read, watched and listened to anytime, anywhere! This experience has changed my life in so many incredible measurable positive ways and I am forever grateful!”
“There are many "ah-has" within the training for anyone who has been stuck on the "launch pad" (not 'plateau') and is looking for action steps to get to the next level....and we are ALL looking for the next level.” 
"You can have whatever you want in life when you learn how to communicate. Promote and Profit has been by far the best way I've ever obtained such great guidance in such a short time frame. Grateful for the team, Mike's events, just world class, world class, world class."
“After 13 years of longing to educate, share and inspire people to achieve the health of their dreams through the internet, along with over a dozen expensive marketing courses, many trial ventures that made little money, I finally came upon Mike's training. Within a month I had renewed energy, focus and a winning idea to drive my practice to the next level. 

I launched a very successful internet program and earned in 2 months what would ordinarily take a year. Whereas I missed a great opportunity 5 years ago when I lacked videos to support my talent and expertise. I'm now ready to launch my new book get it noticed and rise to an even higher level of success. Don't delay like I did! Act now and get your media kit together.” 
"The lineup of experts was incredible, I've never seen anything like that. They all just had some really unique kind of twist, or idea about what's current and what's working now." 
"Oh my God, it's amazing. I'm so happy to have been here. I am definitely writing my book, get your message out there, define it, and don't be afraid. Live fearlessly. We have an important message that we have to deliver. Everyone was great."  
"Although I am a very successful Legal Coach and Attorney for entrepreneurs, coaches and holistic practitioners, getting in front of a camera was terrifying to me. 

What I loved is that Mike and his team produced a professional, high quality sizzle reel that got me 113 guest interviews on podcasts, radio shows, and webinars (last year alone!) to share my expertise and teach business owners how to get legally covered and gave me the courage to create my OWN podcast on iTunes called "Legally Enlightened". 
"Close the value gap. That's probably the biggest takeaway... that most of us still do not value the knowledge and the wisdom we have and we still don't believe that we can also play big. That's really the biggest takeaway.” 
"Mike Koenigs is a freaking genius. Publish & Profit is the easiest and fastest path to becoming a guaranteed #1 best selling author. And being a #1 best selling author is without a doubt the fastest path to authority and rock solid credibility. Since completing Publish & Profit my speaking has taken off like a rocket. My call center new client count is way up and I've found my true path in life as a speaker. Thanks, Mike, you're the best!
“Wow. Man, there's a lot of takeaways. Really understanding how much value I can get from having my own book, and seeing what that can do for my career, and for people knowing who I am." 
"The lineup of experts are amazing... incredible people who are so successful in what they do. I've learned how to become a better consultant, a better speaker, how to publish a book and be a book consultant - all of that. Now I need to get out there and shout that I'm here."
"I first med Mike Koenigs and Ed Rush at an event in NYC. I was captivated by not only what they were teaching and sharing but also by HOW they were doing it and keeping everyones interest and attention. 

When I found out about You Everywhere Now platform and the products they offered business owners to grow their business I took a leap of faith and committed to the training. Their Publish & Profit course helped me realize a dream of becoming a published author AND become #1 bestseller at that. I was able to book 3 speaking gigs that helped me generate almost $100,000 in sales revenue!"
The Platform Profit Playbook Formula Created a Custom Plan For Each and Every Individual In The Audience to Quickly Escalate Their Success!
I say this without reservation… you’ve never, ever seen anything like the Platform Profit Playbook formula. It helps you close the gaps and fix the biggest challenges you're having in your business - regardless of the business you're in.

And now, more than at anytime in the past, the only real security you'll ever have is your personal ability to produce income on demand.

Let me give you just three specific examples of the results it delivers.
Story #1 - The Good Doctor
One of my clients who practices regenerative medicine in Washington DC came to me for a “reinvention” and a way to escape the same trading-time-for-money trap that every professional feels at some point in their career.
She had been providing her patients with something called PRP treatments and selling what I call “line items”... in other words, her challenge was how to be more profitable while selling only one thing.
What we managed to do in a single meeting helped her double her prices within a week’s time.
Just one small tweak and she was able to go back into her office and double her revenue.
Instead of selling a $1,600.00 dollar service. She started selling a $5,000.00 package...and it was a HUGE success. Only one patient complained, and it was someone she didn't really want as a patient anyway.
After adding the $5,000.00 package, she soon added a $25,000.00 and $100,000.00 package… We called it the “Executive Superhuman Performance Package.” And all of this was the result of one tweak, using the information that is available to you in the Platform Profit Playbook!
Now She’s on Track to Double Her Annual Income!
I invited her to come and be one of the panelists at the Promote and Profit gathering. In front of the 300 professionals in attendance, she shared how she doubled her prices, created packages and managed to rethink her business in a way that allowed her to enroll a patient with a $25,000.00 package...in just a week!
**The screenshot below is of the email I got from “The Good Dr.” Dr. (Anne Truong), describing her exciting results!
Story #2 - The Four Month Millionaire
When Mari decided to leave her comfortable job to follow her dreams, she never knew it would be so incredibly difficult.
She thought: “What could go wrong? I'm smart, educated and had a pretty decent career with great professional development. Right? Wrong! However, I was destined to succeed, so "destiny" sent me Mike Koenigs.”
I helped her perfect her sales message, work on creating a referral network and encouraged her to charge big bucks to big companies (confidently).
“He even taught me how to handle a prospective client that was being difficult allowing me to close a $420K deal. My consulting firm went from low six figures to seven in four months. Yep, that's a million dollars in four months.
Story #3 - 12 Months, 2X the Revenue
As the CEO of a 27,000 sq. ft. wildly successful integrated medical fitness practice, JR was on a mission to change the face of healthcare by helping other medical practices around the world implement the systems he’d developed in his own medical practice.

I’ll let JR tell you his story…
“I used to work grueling, 100-hour work weeks at the expense of my family and my personal health. We had moderate success, but I knew there had to be a better way to share my message and help more practices using our Cash Practice Success Platform. When I met Mike and learned about his systems, I immediately knew that it would be a “game changer” for us. 

I began implementing and with Mike’s advice, we got clear on our message, increased our prices, skyrocketed our conversions and we’ve DOUBLED OUR BUSINESS IN ONE YEAR. We now guide over 60 practices worldwide in implementing medical systems that provide patients alternatives to drugs and surgery while addressing the real cause of disease and degeneration. I’m intensely grateful for Mike and his team.” 
Think Your Business Is Different???
It Doesn’t Matter What Field You’re In!
After working with so many individuals, offering so many different products and services, I have not seen a single case where the Platform Profit Playbook formula won’t work.
But I didn't always have this formula… in fact, a few years ago I didn’t even realize there was a step-by-step process that anyone, could follow to get such incredible results.
So how did I put all the pieces together?
Well, as you may or may not know, I’ve built companies and sold them to publicly traded organizations over the course of my career.
Those experiences taught me some powerful lessons… but it wasn’t my big business experience that was the final catalyst to bringing the Platform Profit Playbook into existence.
My Breakthrough Discovery Came During the Worst Breakdown of My Life…
It happened in 2012 when I was diagnosed and began battling stage 3a colorectal cancer!
Talk about a pain in the ass! (Literally.)
That year I underwent major surgery, 9 grueling months of chemotherapy and 33 radiation treatments.
Here I am receiving intravenous (and painful!) chemotherapy for hours at a time…
I was sick...I mean REALLY SICK!!! I woke up every day looking at a pillow covered with the hair I’d lost overnight. I only had enough energy to work about one hour a day… and I had a LOT of problems to solve.

While being treated 2,521 miles away from home, I managed to write my first book from my hospital bed – I published it and made it a #1 bestseller in less than a month.

After the book was released and while I was being treated at Duke University in North Carolina, I was asked to speak at a Tony Robbins “Business Mastery” event and shared my story.

When I got home, And as a result, I had so many people coming up to me and asking me what my formula was. They wanted to know how I could be away from my business for a full year, and be able to come back to a business that was not just surviving… but actually thriving… a business that was more profitable than when I left it.
I turned the book into a product and then a high-priced event that rapidly turned into a multimillion dollar franchise that produced results for everyone who used the system. (This is where I started really understanding this concept of escalation, being able to rapidly increase in your personal or brand awareness).

Well, I realized it was because I had created a platform.
So I started teaching people the very same process I’d been utilizing. You met some of them at the beginning of this letter. It works. It’s a system that consistently produces repeatable, profitable results.
I Continued to Revise and Perfect the Formula Until I Felt It Was Completely “Paint By Numbers” Foolproof!
It wasn’t long after when I invited those nearly 300 professionals to come spend three days learning it for themselves, and I called the experience “Promote and Profit.”

During those 3-short days, with the Platform Profit Playbook in hand, everyone got absolute clarity in using the formula in their business.

They lost their overwhelm and confusion... there was no more fear… and no more second guessing what actions to take... and no more ending the day, the week or the month feeling like they were spinning their tires in mud.
Now You Can Have the Same Incredible Formula… And Get the Same Great Results
I took the entire curriculum, the very content taught over those 3-days and turned it into a course you can study on-demand, anytime, anywhere.
You'll have the exact same experts to guide you, you'll get the transcripts of everything they teach and most importantly - - you get the Platform Profit Playbook.
This is actually a culmination of 15 years’ worth of work and 30 years of experience for me, and the end result for you will be that you can increase your “level of authority” (become a person of influence), work less, charge more, grow your audience, and be able to give back to society!
Now, in addition to showing you the formula, I want to reveal one of the most important things I've noticed.
In all the time I've worked as a coach, advisor and a partner to my clients, I’ve noticed two distinct types of people:
Achievers and Performers.
The Drastic, Difference Between Achievers and Performers!
In super-simple terms, achievers “do.”
You and I have been taught that doing things is good, and I surely won’t argue that you must take action if you want to accomplish your goals.
But that’s not what I’m referring to when I talk about achievers.
Achievers “do”... the things they know the best.

The expert plumber is out fixing toilets…
The brilliant doctor is seeing patients…
The restaurant owner is manning the prep line…

But these “doers” have a limit on what they can earn and who they can impact. They have very little, if any leverage whatsoever, because they spend all their time “doing” what they know.  
Sound familiar to you?
Now on the other side are the performers.
Performers “Be”... 
Based On What They Know Best
And “being” is evergreen. It’s also holistic and impactful.

The expert plumber being an advisor to other plumbers…
The brilliant doctor being an authority to thousands instead of hundreds…
The restaurant owner who now trains others to grow their business...

Achievers are people who follow the rules… round peg, round hole…
They do the Standard Operating Procedures. Being a great achiever means it's easy to get a college degree. It's easy to get a medical degree. You work hard, you follow the rules you get your gold star.

But Guess What… You Get Into the Real World and That Doesn't Help You Market Yourself!
It doesn't help you command higher fees and you're just left sitting there… wondering what happened.  
How did the world pass you by?
You notice people without degrees are out there making millions of dollars, while you're stuck, spinning your tires in mud, all because you've been “playing by the rules.”
This is a game about shifting your focus and becoming a high performer and I’m going to give you the tools, the resources and the people you can model to get there.
See, your biggest problem right now is that nobody knows who you are, what you do, or who you do it for. At least not in a way that they can or will immediately understand how valuable you are!
Don’t Feel Bad… 
Everyone Has This Problem!
You likely have a storytelling problem and what this formula enables you to do when you follow it is become a category of one... exclusively you.
You need to close something I call the Value Gap, the Platform Profit Playbook helps you close the Value Gap.
When You Close the Value Gap… People Open Their Hearts and Wallets to You
The value gap is the difference in what you see as your value and the value that you represent to your audience.
The value gap is created as you evolve your career potential or doing whatever it is you do. As you increase your capabilities, you increase the skill of what you do, and deliver more resources and results.
There is also great value to the stories you have. But sadly, what happens to most people is they don't adjust their own value as they increase their capabilities.
So while you are capable of delivering more value, you don’t realize how to charge more for it.
When you close the value gap, the outside world sees and understands how valuable you are in such a way that you become competition and recession proof.
You become the only answer, you become the thought leader, the influencer inside your business.
You can command high prices and you get paid for being not doing.
For example, I worked with a client who just sold this AI Company and showed him where he actually represents a trillion dollar industry opportunity.
We're creating a “Category of One” for him, where money, people, talent, and a whole industry can see him and instantly say “he represents a trillion dollar opportunity” because of his knowledge and the value of what he’s created. His value increases because of his vision.
Imagine This in YOUR Not So Distant Future!
You’ve identified what it is you have to say and the market who really wants to hear it. You no longer are selling a product or a service. Now what you’re doing is selling a feeling, a solution, a result.
It’s no longer a product or a service that people are scrambling to buy, it’s YOU!
You’ll finally understand how to turn what you've already been doing into an evergreen product, like a best-selling book, and then maybe a speech and then maybe a stand-alone product or a high dollar event.
That's the vision.
Your platform, in escalation.

This is the secret to increasing your value, attracting better customers and being able to close that gap to get out of the hamster wheel situation that you're in right now.
And the best part is, you won't feel like you have to do everything. You can pick just the one thing that's simple.
You’ve been shown how to easily speak your message to your audience, and now you are the answer…
Okay… Now Come Back to the Present!!!
Not only is that a real scenario, it can happen fast. 
All you need to do is get your copy of the Platform Profit Playbook, watch a few videos and start filling in the blanks.
Being able to capitalize on your intellectual property to close that value gap will enable you to increase your value dramatically.
How to Get Your Copy of The “Charge More, Work Less, 
Get Authority, Boost Your Influence, Grow Your Audience 
and Give Back” Step-by-Step Guide
The Platform Profit Playbook was and IS not available for purchase at any price. It was ONLY made available to the exclusive few who attended Promote and Profit in person.
In fact, there’s a reason you can’t just purchase The Platform Profit Playbook. Because for it to work, you need the information the other experts and I taught to customized a plan to meet your precise goals and needs!
But don’t worry. I've made this super easy for you to get all the materials, all the resources and some great bonuses.
I want to put the entire Promote and Profit Course, in your hands and do it in a way that is so phenomenal you would be foolish to say no.

And, when you do say YES… you’ll get the very same step-by-step action plan (that we will customize together), so you can start moving towards the exact business and life you desire - all from the comfort of your own home or office!
 You’ll Be Guided By The World's Most Credible, High-Authority Experts, In Markets Similar To Yours.
Each expert shares how they used the exact time-tested methods, strategies and tactics (that make up the formula) to build their respected personal brands into profitable, multi-million dollar businesses.
Normally, you wouldn’t be able to do this without being in the room, but I made sure to capture the training on video so the experience can STILL be had by those who missed out.
You’ll be able to sit back, watch, listen and plot the steps to achieve the results you want - without having to waste several years, or several thousand dollars learning by trial and error.
Plus you can start today with no travel, no waiting and no rigid schedule to follow. Go through the course as fast as you can or pace yourself.
This fill-in-the blanks workbook that will serve as your personalized blueprint, your roadmap... thought-leader, authority and influencer instruction manual... it’s something you always wished you had but never knew existed.
After You Review The Gripping Teachings in the Promote and Profit Course You Will LITERALLY Be Holding The Blueprint To Your Success… All You Have to Do Is Flip Through The Pages and Check Things Off!
Yes, this Playbook will guide you as you fill-in-the-blanks with the specific information and details needed to match your unique wants, needs and circumstances!
This is how you go from being known only by your current customers, clients or patients, to becoming a respected, nationally-known authority in your area of expertise.
The Playbook will give you clarity, help you focus, simplify your decisions, and make sure you implement things to grow your business, attract higher quality clients, become an influencer and command higher fees.
I’ve broken things down into a simple step-by-step system that any busy professional, entrepreneur, physician, doctor, coach or advisor can easily manage and accomplish quicker than ever.
And being able to “easily manage it” is important.
Here’s Just A Tiny Sample of What You’ll Find
in the Platform Profit Playbook…
  •  7 Steps To A Perfect Book, Speech Or Product Title. (pg. 85)
  •  Want To Tell YOUR Story In The Most Profitable Way? (pg. 141)
  •  Seeking to Add SIZZLE To Your Brand? (See pg. 117)
  •  Discover What It Takes To Create Your Perfect Platform. (pg. 11)
  •  How To Get Authority Without Coming Across Like An A$$. (pg. 83)
  •  6 Steps To Attract Better Clients, Work Less, Charge More. (pg. 13)
  •  Want the Best Pitch Structure For Stage Presentations? (pg. 139)
  •  Cut Through the Bull on How To Boost Your Influence. - (pg. 97)
  •  What To Do First, Next, Now Personal Clarity Scorecard. - (pg. 15)
  •  Use that Phone Better - Create Six Figure Text Messages.- (pg. 145)
  •  Stupid Simple Secrets To Effortlessly Charge More. - (pg. 107)
  •  Define Who You Are… And How You Are Known Worksheet. - (pg. 17)
  •  How To Grow Your Audience Faster Than Garden Weeds.- (pg. 115)
  •  How To Come Up With Best Selling Book Titles. - (pg. 129-138)
  •  How To Create A Crowd Stopping, 10-Minute Speech. - (pg. 143)
  •  How To Identify and Qualify Your Ideal Clients. - (pg. 145)
And Much, Much, More!
Listen, to get where you want to be, you need a team of experienced experts who will take you by the hand, lead you through the right process, in the right order, so that you get maximum results in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort...
Without spending your savings on gurus and vendors who don't care about you or your brand.
And just so you get a sense that I really do care, take a look at a couple quick comments from some more people who already know.
“Closed 11 Deals for $11,000.00 Each 
In Just One Week!”
"One week after training with Mike and his team, I enrolled 11 doctors at $11,000.00 each for a coaching program and reduced my time in the clinic to one day per week working with patients."
“I Used to Give My Time Away and Now
Get Five Figures to Consult!”
"I know I touch lives as the voice behind Hal Elrod’s, Miracle Morning Audio Books. My career as a professional voice over actor has been prosperous and something I passionately love doing. I’ve triumphed over many hardships, including the near death of my daughter (and myself!) and I realized what made that triumph possible. Action. I knew I was meant to help people, but I had no idea how to get started.
I found Mike’s systems and coaching to be invaluable. Over 3 months. I’ve built my brand, grown my own platform, grown a community of thousands, I’m speaking on stages and have taken the experience and advice I used to give away for free and am now getting paid 5 Figures to consult entrepreneurs and business owners.
It is a beautiful thing to wake up every morning and know that you're making a difference with your message. Mike showed me the steps needed to accomplish it all. I am sure glad I took action."
It’s not unusual for breakthroughs to happen right before your eyes, because the system starts working for you the moment you “get your mind around it” just like the people below...
"It's just like this whirlwind of amazing people and information. What he had to say was an important message for everybody to really make sure you're coming from a place of authenticity."
“After learning from Mike, my business really scaled up and my income scaled up... these people are so heart centered and they're coming from such a transparently good place. It's really heart centered entrepreneurship..."
“To realize how everything goes together, all the things... speaking and books, everything... all together in one package, it's really the concept of having one real signature talk or message... that's a concept that I think is really valuable."
"Some of the greatest takeaways that I have are about being in touch with who we are as individuals, coming from the heart, and being able to speak to others in that capacity... It's actually about transforming lives and about making a difference in them, and I think Mike is a perfect example of that."
"I loved what was said about how to build your mission... that's something everyone can apply because it allows others to see not just the brand you have, but really who you are as a person and as an entrepreneur. I thought this was super valuable.”
“My number one takeaway is to condense my story down, and I'm very excited to be able to put that and a bunch of other takeaways into a book for myself.”
"I've always struggled with my biggest mission... how to make money off of it... but after listening to Vivian (Mike’s wife who does work in Uganda)... I'm like, "Yes! Yes! I got it. I got it!" I can continue forward and I'm really grateful."
Here's the Lineup of Thought Leaders Who Give Away All Their Best Secrets for You to Use in Promote and Profit
Below I’ve listed the Promote and Profit experts who will guide you through the Platform Profit Playbook... along with JUST ONE of the gold nuggets from the incredible information they deliver in this course.
Expert #1: NY Times Bestselling Author JJ Virgin: Taught How to Become a Thought-Leader in Your Market and Attract High-Value 5 and 6-Figure Customers in Your Market

Nugget: Be very clear about your message and who you want to serve. You want to be as refreshing to them as you are polarizing to the people that you don't want to talk to.
Expert #2: Digital Marketer Roland Frasier, CEO of digital marketer, taught The Top 5 Secrets to Build Your Business Without a List

Nugget: People want real. Gone are the days where we can live in seclusion and share just rehearsed versions of ourselves and expect people to connect. People crave transparency - they want to know who you are.
Expert #3: Fit Body BootCamp’s Bedros Keuilian, taught the Six Steps to Building a Top-Performing Team So that You Can Focus Only on What YOU Love and Be the Best in Your Business

Nugget: The cost of poor leadership almost killed me. I gotta tell you, if you don't think you're in a position of leadership, if you think you look at yourself as a marketer, and hey I'm just an entrepreneur, I'm telling you right now… you're a leader!
Expert #4: iTunes #1 Fitness & Nutrition Podcaster Shawn Stevenson: How to Use Books and Podcasts to Grow Your Thought-Leadership, Authority Status, Platform and Income So That You and Your Customers FEEL GOOD!

Nugget: Use your story, your energy, and your personality, even if you think you're really weird, it’s really going to connect with people.
Expert #5: Bestselling Author of “Miracle Morning” Hal Elrod: The Secret to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Brand Based on Your Heartfelt Passion and a Bestselling Book (and Hal’s formula for selling over 10,000 copies a month and getting 80% of them to join his list - GENIUS!)

Nugget: Set goals and identify what matters most in your life. Make sure that your schedule is in alignment with what you value the most in the world, and that you aren’t giving your worst to what matters the most.
Expert #6: "Boss Mom", Dana Malstaff: How to Systematically Build a Team to Free Up Your Time to Get Out of the Day-to-Day and Grow Your Business, Nurture Your Family and Create a Movement that Spreads like Wildfire!

Nugget: Expand your circle and join communities, and leaders you trust. Another tip - Don’t do everything yourself! You can seek advice, hire help and focus your time on money-making tasks that will allow you to work on the things you’re good at.
Expert #7: Master of Persuasion and Personal Productivity, F-18 fighter pilot Ed Rush: 5 Secret Weapon Persuasion Scripts to Connect with Any Audience, Sell More Products and Get Repeat Customers

Nugget: Set yourself a daily figure. Let’s say, it's $5,000.00 a day. If you’re looking at something that's going to take up a day of your time, and it's not worth at least $5,000.00 now or into the future, say no to it, or hire someone to do it for you.
Expert #8: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Michael Bernoff: Easy Step-by-Step Scripts to Double or Triple Your Sales in as Little as a Day in Your Elevator Pitch, Email and Speeches

Nugget: Confidence is the key factor for influence. Your influence is made from what you do and how you live. Coming across as a confident person and being yourself is more powerful than any skill or any tool. Tools just polish your confidence and your authentic “you” off. Add the tools to who you already are. Don’t try to be somebody else. Be yourself.
Expert #9: Girl Power” Philanthropist and Just Like My Child Founder, Vivian Glyck (who also happens to be my wife of 17 years and counting): How to Create Deep and Meaningful Connections with Your Customers, Raise Millions of Dollars and Change the World through Philanthropy, Nonprofits and Charities

Nugget: Learn to give. Giving transforms the giver, sometimes almost more than the effect it has on the receiver.
Expert #10: The Butteriest Voice in the World”, Per Bristow: How to Release Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright so You Can Shine on Stage and In Interviews in Less Than 20 Minutes

Nugget: How to best use your voice and show you how to release performance anxiety and stage fright, so you can shine on stages and during media interviews. This is something you need to see to understand.
What do all of these thought-leaders, influencers, experts 
and authorities have in common?
They all use replicable, predictable systems to consistently attract consumers (and even the media) to their personal brand and they produce predictable, profitable results.
What IS that system?  
I'm glad you asked.
They use one or more of the six “Platform Profit Playbook” steps we’re going to focus on at Promote and Profit.
1. Get Authority - You need to be positioned as the thought-leader and authority in your market if you want to be competition and recession-proof. Our speakers and team will show you the best content-creation, book promotion and social strategies that are adaptable to your business or practice NOW.

2.  Boost Influence - Do you want to impact more people and earn more money? Your ability to influence, persuade, present, perform, speak on video and on stage is critical. Speaking is the highest-paying skill in the world and you’re going to be trained by three of the best influencers on your words, your voice and your body language!

3. Charge More - Bigger deals. Better clients, patients or customers. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, advisor, physician, doctor or service professional - you want to work less, attract higher-quality customers and charge more by packaging your services or products so their value (and yours) is perceived to be higher.

4. Work Less - Let’s face it. We all want better teams and systems to replicate and automate our business. At Promote and Profit, we’ll show you how to Systemize, Productize and Automate by attracting better team members and bringing more of your business online with the latest marketing and automation.

5. Grow Audience - What are the best ways to Package, Promote and Amplify your message with social media (Facebook, Instagram), podcasts, TV, radio and print? Our experts will help you knock out the best hook that makes the media want you. We’ll give you a roadmap for packaging a media kit, sizzle reel, interview strategy and promotion strategy that gets you booked on channels and sends you better customers that will pay you more!

6. Give Back! - This may seem counterintuitive, but when you integrate philanthropy and charity in your business, you’ll impact more lives, your customers will spend more and stick around longer. Your authentic heart is what brings and keeps more customers and makes your brand likable! (Keep reading because I’m going to introduce you to the love of my life, who will give you the formula for creating massive impact and connection using philanthropy!) 
Those are the SIX core principles of the proven Platform Profit Playbook formula.

Every one of the Promote and Profit experts, focused on ONE or MORE of these steps.
They show you what they do, how they do it and how you can adapt what they do into your own business or practice.
And that's what you want and need in your business and practice right now and in the future!
This is a system. You don’t NEED every step - but the more you have in your Playbook, the faster you’ll achieve the status and results you desire.
Promote And Profit Shortens The Learning Curve
When you get Promote and Profit, you’ll get the secrets of the most influential, authoritative brand builders in the world.
- You’ll see systems you can model... practical tactical tips and strategies to immediately help you get what you need.

- You’ll see how to get that thought-leader, authority, expert and celebrity status.

- You'll have a plan, the know-how, and the tools and resources to make it happen.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the content in this course will produce a clear plan of what to do to build your platform, (and in what order), to get what you want in your business.

 Here are a few more comments from some of the lucky few
who were able to attend Promote and Profit in Person…
“All I can say is WOW! Mike leaves nothing on the table when it comes to promoting and achieving success in your business. Mike's high energy, Promote and Profit experts are a living testimony of how to have a high revenue business that matches your life values and good intentions. 

Personally, I had a major transformation in my mindset from attending Promote and Profit - An internal shift in my perceived value gap!  I highly recommend Mike's course if you are ready to rock the world with your unique gift and grow your business exponentially.” 
~ BERNADETTE WILSON, MBA, CEO, Cognitive Performance
“Mike is one of the most authentic presenters I have ever experienced. His purpose and passion to help everyone achieve their goals and dreams radiates and flows out of him... it’s truly magical as he so freely shares his wisdom and knowledge with his audacious goal of making a million millionaires, giving you not only the "how to" but the resources and action plan to achieve your goals and dreams. 

The experts shared so freely their "what is working now" tips and action steps to grow your business and profit. Mike shows you how to achieve your goals of being seen, heard, read, watched and listened to anytime, anywhere! There is no other experience like this. Mike's Promote and Profit will be with me throughout my lifetime. This has changed my life in so many incredible, measurable positive ways and I am forever grateful for this experience!”
~ LORI A. JOYCE, Director - EMS Academy LLC - Quincy MA
“I flew from Ireland to attend Mike’s “Promote and Profit” and it was worth the long journey. Recognising that I am an expert in my field and it’s time I charged for it is just one of several insights. Mike is the authority in helping you realize your own individual value. Priceless! Thanks again for this great opportunity. I will never forget it. I returned with focus, new ideas and new habits to implement.” 
~ SUZAN TURAN, Aquarian Health
Why Should You Own the
Promote and Profit System?
  •  If you are not precisely where you want to be right now with your business, income, expert and authority status... you’ll want to get your hands on Promote and Profit ASAP!
  •  If you feel like your purpose, your message and your voice has not been heard and you want the EXACT Path to get you where you KNOW you should be... invest in Promote and Profit.
  •  If you want to know how YOU can become THE Expert, THE Authority, THE "Go-To-Guy" in your Niche... yes, that’s right... you need to order Promote and Profit … IMMEDIATELY.
1. Not being where you think you should be right now with your online presence.
2. Not having a list, knowing how to get started, or tried and failed to build one.
3. Struggling to stand out and getting your message heard.
4. Not being the go-to authority or expert in your niche.
5. Not being happy with your thought-leadership status.
6. Not having an automated system for making money while you sleep.
Promote and Profit Provides You With a Step-by-Step Plan You Need to Get What You Want.
Experience this course from the comfort of home (or office) and gain the inspiration, motivation, tactics, tools and techniques to build or grow the business you love.
In Promote and Profit, I share my best "celebrity marketing strategies" to help you get the attention of your ideal audience, attract higher-quality clients, patients or customers - AND some of the smartest entrepreneurs in the world will show you their best marketing, branding, thought-leader and influencer secrets.
Watch as I show you step-by-step how you can 3x – 5x your average customer, patient or client value in 20 minutes with a simple four-step system that amplifies your value and works in any business - including yours.
I’ve brought together some of the smartest people I know to give you the best-in-class “know-how” and networking in one place!   

Do not miss out.
Let’s be honest, what you're really missing isn’t another shiny object. It’s the right direction, the right focus, the right tools, the right community and network, and the You Everywhere Now family.

It’s what you need. Right now.
 And… to incentivize you to make a smart decision for yourself right now, before this special discount deal ends, I’m going to bribe you...
 And… to incentivize you to make a smart decision for yourself right now, before this special discount deal ends, I’m going to bribe you...
Act Before the Timer Hits 00:00 and Get $3,300.00+ IN BONUSES!
Act Before the Timer Hits 00:00 and Get $3,300.00+ IN BONUSES!
This Product Comes With A No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee
This Product Comes With A No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee
Well, if you’re still reading, then you can see from the incredible content and all of the benefits and bonuses I’ve listed, that my team and I have done everything in our power to make this the simplest, most effective way for you to get where you want to be in your business.
Keep in mind, every expert in our lineup, including me, has accomplished the very goal that you are looking to achieve as a thought-leader, influencer, expert and authority.

We are not only qualified to help you create a life most people only dream about, but we’re ready and willing to show you how in as little as 3-days

Promote and Profit is for serious people who want the “secret key” to becoming the next superstar in their niche.
Chances are, you’re like me.
You’re not willing to settle for average when it comes to anything in your life.

You want more.

You want the ability to make life-changing impact and profits year in and year out, so you can build the life of your dreams just like I have.
I’m positive that the Promote and Profit course can help you achieve all of your business goals, whatever they may be.

You just have to be willing to take that next step. You have to be willing to expand your mind, step out of your comfort zone and follow the lead of those who have walked before you.

I KNOW you're going to love owning this elite business-building masterpiece.

Sincerely yours,
Mike Koenigs
CEO & Creator
You Everywhere Now

P.S. If you realize the Promote and Profit course is right for you, the next step is to click the option below.

But do keep in mind…

Time Is Running Out…

This special offer ends when the timer hits ZERO!

Act Before the Timer Hits 00:00 and Get $3,300.00+ IN BONUSES!
Act Before the Timer Hits 00:00 and Get $3,300.00+ IN BONUSES!
One Time Deal - Save $600!
Make One Payment of Just $197 
Regular Price $797. Save 76% Now!
One Time Deal - Save $600!
Make One Payment of Just $197 
Regular Price $797. Save 76% Now!
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You Can Attract Higher Quality Clients, Command Bigger Fees AND Create the Exact Kind of Business (or Practice) You Want.
"Outstanding. I've been around for a very long time, so it's not that I don't appreciate what Mike puts out there, because I always do. I love the man. But it's always nice to see some fresh faces on the stage that give some really good information, so I really appreciate the speakers."
"It's been really great to see the younger speakers that he's bringing on that have more of the technology piece. I really enjoyed the Boss Mom, because I liked the idea of a movement 'cause my mission is to start a movement. So that was very helpful information. "
"I've met Mike a few times and I like how he really knows what he's doing, so I'm looking forward to seeing all the speakers in here, because I know a few of them as well. I've worked with a lot of them one-on-one, so it'd be good to see them kinda speaking outside of their own elements where I see them, where they're usually coaching, so I'm super pumped for some of the information that they're gonna share, because they know things that most people don't."
"Every single speaker that comes up, they've just been so good. They always give something that I can really use for my business, for my life. Ed Rush of course is amazing. Beijo I think was one of my favorite speakers as well. But all of them just come from a very unique experience, and they give just great advice coming from their unique experience."
"Oh gosh. I had a whole sheet of notes. So much. There's been so much good information that, you know, I'm gonna have to go home and go back through all my notes. So excited and so jazzed and you learn such amazing things."
Disclaimer - Can we have an adult conversation about monetary and income results? 

Cool. Let’s be real here. Results are based on many factors…(like a LOT of them). We have no way of knowing how well you will do, as we do not know you, your background, your work ethic, or your business skills or practices. Agreed? Therefore, we cannot and do not guarantee or imply that you will get rich, that you will do as well as some of our other clients have, or even make any money at all. There is no assurance of anything. If you rely upon our figures; you must accept the risk of not doing as well. And as unsexy as it sounds, we don’t believe in overnight success or get rich programs – what we do believe in is hard work, adding value, and serving others with excellence and constancy... and that puppies and kittens are cute...although we won’t promise those will help you succeed either. Everything we do, all of the You Everywhere Now trainings are intended to help you to reach your full potential and hopefully to make a difference in the world.

We care very much about transparency and following the law so we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We strive to help people reach their potential by giving them great content, direction, and strategies to move forward. All products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of specific results or future earnings, and regardless of how smart we occasionally sound, we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. 

Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are illustrative of concepts only and should not be considered average earnings, exact earnings, or promises for actual or future performance. Making decisions based on any information presented in our products, events, services, or web site, should be done only with the knowledge that you could experience hardship or significant losses just as you could doing anything new. Hey, life can be a bumpy ride! You may get knocked down a lot, but if you keep getting up, you’ll achieve a lot more than the person who stays down.

Having said that, you still need to use caution and seek the advice of qualified professionals when attempting any lifestyle change or business or financial endeavor. You can and should check with your doctor, accountant, lawyer or professional advisor, before acting on this or any information. Afterall, you alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by visiting our site or registering for any of our events or investing in any of our products, you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. Whew, that was a lot to type. But if you want more, all of our terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed via the link below. It’s all the regular legal jargon the pesky but lovely lawyers say is essential, but even if they didn’t, we’d want you to know because being honest and operating with integrity is important to us (and you). Thanks for your time today. We hope to see you soon and hope that you find value in the work we do for you.

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