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Because of My Book....
Because of my book, I went from broke to closing a $349,000 deal. I was able to get on National Geographic TV and I was able to speak at Caesar’s Palace in front of about 500 people.
Andy Falco, Dog Training Expert 
Yorba Linda, CA
Because of my book, I got to present a webinar for Tony Robbins Business Mastery!
Jessica Carter Brace
Juno Beach, FL
What I love about this system is it's ‘plug and play’. This is something that can change the industry and provide people with what we all want - the opportunity to share our message and reach more people.
Mark Macdonald
NYT Bestselling Author of “Body Confidence”
Because of my book, I got speaking gigs, I got paid consulting deals, I’ve got calls from people who’ve said, ‘Hey! You’re the one who wrote that book. We want you here!’ 
Joseph Spada 
Seattle, WA
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Instant “Writer’s Block Busting” Fill In the Blanks Book Making Template
Very can teach someone to fish...or just give them the fish. We do BOTH. Most authors start their book by staring at a blank Word doc for 3 days. This Bonus is designed to get your book from concept to DONE in just a few days.

Solo / Standalone Done-For-You Book Promotion to Our Social Media Networks! 
Mike will personally script, write, and promote a STANDALONE promotion to his entire Facebook list featuring you and your book! (Value - $5000)
The Top 100 Book Cover Book
Designed to give you ideas and inspiration to create a highly professional, more marketable and money generating bestselling book.

AND the Top 100 Podcast Cover Book!
Many of our #1 Best Selling Authors turn their books into Podcasts. This Book will show you the top 100 Podcast Covers out there to spark your creativity.
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