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Everything You Need to Build a Successful Speaking Business!
How to build your speaking platform from the ground up with two things in mind: blowing the meeting planners away and getting a TON of speaking deals.

We cover everything step-by-step including how to build a smashingly attractive speaking website, how to brand your social media for max impact, and how to build a “sizzle reel” that gets you speaking deals out of the blue (note: this last one alone can add thousands of dollars to your speaking fee).

How to pack your schedule full and start speaking NOW. Listen...there is no better way to get speaking gigs than to get started with small local events. We’ll show you how to open, pitch, and close a local event (in as little as a few days).

Discover how to create a smoking hot “speaker video reel” that makes you look like a speaking rock star.

BONUS: How to use a book to open the door to bigger and better speaking deals. (Hint: there is one BIG tip inside here and not using it is costing you...a lot.)
What to do before the event. We give you step-by-step hold-you-by-the-hand strategies for everything from sending agreements (we give you the agreement as a word doc as a bonus), pre-event calls and questionnaires, best ways to get to the event, what to do the night before the event, and how to talk to the meeting planner. 

PLUS - A secret tip for getting the meeting planner to LOVE you even before you say a single word!!

How to Craft the Perfect Keynote Speech. We give you the entire outline from the introduction to the close. It’s all crafted for you. Just pull out the template, fill in the blanks and you’re done!

The Tech Side of Speaking - you’ll learn how to create and craft beautiful PowerPoint and Keynote templates from scratch and (BONUS) we’ve created a set of slide templates that will make you look great!
How to Speak and Get Paid Fees. Paid speakers get anywhere from $1,500 to $50,000 or more for a 45 minute to 1-hour speech. 

You’ll learn how to get meeting planners how to call you, how to close a speaking deal, what to charge, and how to speak to get referrals and spin-off business.

How to Speak and Sell Products. The highest paid speakers sell products. And we’ll show you how to make a lot of money selling products in a way that’s 100% congruent and not manipulative or “salesy.” 

Plus, you’ll get a full outline so you can build a talk step-by-step and then you get word-for-word scripting on what to say and how to say it. (The strategies in this module alone have been worth a combined $40 million dollars in our business).

How to Speak and Sell Coaching. What would it be like to close $10,000 to $30,000 or bigger deals directly from a speaking event? The best part? When you use this system, you don’t even have to “close.” The deals come to you! 

You’ll get word-for-word scripting on exactly what to say to get a steady stream of clients coming from every speaking event.

How to Speak and Sell Books. You’ll discover a simple (i.e. 30 second) way to get 100% of your audience to get your book. You heard that right - all of them will walk away with your book...and you’ll get paid!

Speak to Sell "The Best Pitch Structure I've Ever Used.” Mike will show you the single best way to close anything from the stage...and how to model this talk to close more deals and sales and adapt his presentation structure to work for your business.

Gold Rush: How to Capture Leads from Stage. You’ll discover a simple system for growing your list and database from paid speaking leads.
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  • BONUS #1: Get Promoted!
  •  BONUS #2: Action Guide
  •  BONUS #3: The Done-For-You Speaking Treasure Chest
  •  BONUS #4: Charity Change: How to Raise Money for Your Philanthropy, Non-Profit, Charity or Cause from Stage with Vivian Glyck
  •  BONUS #5: How to Look Great on Stage and Camera
  •  BONUS #6: Fanatical Fans: How to Build and Engage an Audience Online
  •  BONUS #7: List Bliss: 10 List-Building Strategies
  •  BONUS #8: Hooked: How to Get Clients Online
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