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Introducing: The Publish and Profit Certified Consultant Program!
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Here's what you get with the Certification Program:
A Complete System to Start Earning Money Quickly with Mike Koenigs, Ed Rush and Team.
  • This is a system that consistently delivers results where you will become an expert on producing and launching books for clients and customers as a paid consultant -- start or grow your existing business.
  •  You'll get training on how to create an irresistible book offer that can create a great new business or highly lucrative second business, full-time or part-time.
  •  You'll get beginning-to-end training on how to create and launch a book for a client.
  •  PLUS, we'll give you all the done-for-you forms, templates, agreements, and presentations you need to get and close deals in any industry or part of the world.
  •  Access to a Custom Certification Portal where you can get ongoing training and support for your questions.
You Will...
  • Receive the proven blueprint to becoming a six-figure book creation and marketing consultant.
  •  Master the five steps of being a six or seven figure Publish & Profit Consultant -- acquiring customers and closing deals, to over-delivering value to your clients.
  •  Learn advanced strategies for creating books and marketing services and the must-knows of doing this for others.
  •  Receive the actual scripts, templates, agreements, sales presentation decks, and forms you'll use to manage, close, and deliver to your consulting clients.
  •  (Note - others have told us that this alone is worth the entire investment in the training - over $10,000 alone)
  • You'll receive a Certified Consultant's Seal (upon successful completion of the program) so you can start getting paid for providing book publishing, product and service offerings for others.
  •   You'll get listed and promoted on our "You Everywhere Now" website directory. This is where we send people when they ask for support writing, producing or marketing a book.
  •  You can charge whatever you want and keep all the money!
  •  Get as many customers as you want and keep all the money!
Find out how one of our Certified Consultants closed a $10,000 deal in just 40 minutes, right before he shot this video and how YOU can too. :)
Watch Ed's Facebook Live to our Private Publish & Profit Community
Ed Rush breaks down the Publish and Profit formula for turning books into money in this Facebook Live training. Simply click play on the video below and you can watch it right here! You're Welcome :)

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Certification Program includes the complete
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Certification Program includes the complete
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